In exciting news, AAMH has launched a new logo.

The first impression of the logo is a figurative representation of a human standing on a vessel holding a pole or paddle. It depicts the fundamental concept of a human and vessel, and suggests the types of Indigenous watercraft used for millennia in Australia’s seas, rivers and estuaries.


The design is also based on the shape of compass dividers scribing an arc, with tapering arms and a round-headed pivot point, the base of the ‘vessel’ forming the arc. The compass dividers represent navigation, exploration, and the maritime knowledge necessary to plan a journey.

The shape also spells out the letter ‘A’, representing AAMH’s initial acronym letter for ‘Australian’.

The logo thus symbolically incorporates Australia’s rich Indigenous and non-Indigenous maritime heritage. It also symbolises AAMH members’ depth of maritime knowledge, and our passion to explore, connect with and communicate Australia’s – and our region’s – maritime heritage.